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    Built with years of expertise, Doshiba is an ideal place for all water treatment solutions from commercial RO plants to high quality water softeners.

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Doshiba Water Treatment is a sought-after choice of many customers for RO Plants, Water Softeners, etc. We started our journey in the year 1999 and settled in Solapur, Maharashtra . Our products are manufactured by high quality material as well as with the latest technology. The products we offer are easy to install and use, strong and resistant to corrosion and have longer service life. It has low maintenance that clients find no difficulty in its use. Mainly, we are committed to provide you with high grade service at a reasonable price.

Our products are designed to operate appropriately under various environmental conditions. We cater to mass requirements and provide customized solutions as per the needs of the client in the most excellent manner.

Best Water Purification System Provider in Solapur
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Doshiba Water Treatment Features

Water treatment is essential for removing contaminants and harmful agents before the delivery of clean, potable water supplies for usage .In case of industries, the water needs to be treated to render it fit for re-use or disposal. Raw water entering an industrial plant often needs treatment to meet tight quality specifications to be of use in specific industrial processes.Access to high-quality water is essential for every hospital, hotels and residential spaces . Doshiba promises to keep up and facilitate pure water supply sufficiently to meet all kinds of demands.


We offer commercial water treatment plants,Demineralized Water and a wide variety of water softeners.


Our products are user-friendly, advanced in operation, smooth in functionality and longer in service life.


To save your valuable time, Doshiba will assist with all aspects of installation or any modification to ensure a clean and fast operation.


Our company renders maintenance service or on site periodical checks and fixes guaranteed spare parts in products for assuring longer service life.


Timely routine / repair services from our experts team right at your way at a much cheaper price than the market.

How Does It Work?

Water softening is a process that deals with a problem called “hard water.” Hard water is any type of water that contains elevated levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium .Hard water is not harmful but it can leave stains or deposits around the place and clog pipelines.
Water softening is a process in which these ions are removed. For softening the water, raw water enters into the tank and gets absorbed by the resin bed. The resin material has highly developed pores on the surface which easily traps the hard minerals resulting in soft water. The treated water flows to the bottom of the tank to enter the distributed tube and exits the system and is ready for usage.

Why Choose Doshiba?


Our company offers economical, power-efficient, compact, advanced, and user-friendly products.

RO Plant

Our company delivers products such as Demineralized Water, RO Plant, Water Softener, etc., at the stipulated time-frame.


Our company ensures fixing guaranteed spare parts in products to assuring longer service life.


Our company renders Installation and Maintenance services as a trustworthy service provider in the industry.


Our company serves aforementioned and more products in various sizes and features in the market.


To help keep water safe as it travels to homes and businesses.

Best Water Purification System Provider in Solapur

Doshiba Water Treatment

Doshiba is a dedicated marketplace for all water treatment solutions. The organization offers reliable service for various sectors like domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes. We improve the quality of water by completely eliminating the harmful particulates and thus making us a preferred choice for procuring RO based water purifiers and water treatment plants in a cost effective way.

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